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How Mood can complement Kaiser’s mental health program

Kaiser Permanente (KP) is the largest HMO in California, and it offers a full suite of medical services. However, we’ve found that many Kaiser Permanente customers seek mental health care for anxiety and depression beyond what their insurance covers.

While Kaiser Permanente provides wonderful preventative care, we’ve found that occasionally their patients are seeking additional, complementary care for mental health issues. They may want to talk to a dedicated specialist immediately, without having to go through the referral process. Or they may be interested in talk therapy, which may be very limited by their Kaiser Permanente plan.

This is where Mood can help. With Mood, you have ongoing access to high-quality psychiatry, talk therapy, and medication (should that treatment be right for you). You’ll be able to book appointments with our practitioners immediately, with no referrals necessary, and we will coordinate care with your primary care doctor. Your Mood treatment plan will complement any medical care you’re receiving from Kaiser, and we’ll ensure that it’s a program that works to support your overall health and well being.

"Surprised at how easy it was to get help. As a KP member, therapy has been a constant hurdle. My (Mood) therapist was so thoughtful and helpful in getting me back on the meds I need to be a better me."

Many Mood customers find that relying on Kaiser Permanente for preventative health care and emergencies works alongside their Mood Health membership. And if you have a Health Flexible Spending Account (Health FSA) through your workplace, you can use those dollars towards your Mood membership.

We encourage you to give Mood a try to see how it can complement the care you receive from Kaiser Permanente.