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Melanie shares what it’s like to be low

Our founder, Mike, got a chance to interview Melanie, a Mood patient and community member. Melanie told Mike what it feels like to be depressed and what she’s being doing to feel better.

So my name is Melanie and I am an illustrator slash writer. I was low for a very long time in my life I just had really bad depression and anxiety. And while things in my life are a lot better now, there were things that were hindering me from being creative and being, my best version of myself.

And so that’s why I sought out Mood Health

My first goal was just to try to find a therapist or medication that could help with my anxiety. And I have,  I was just so surprised at like the immediate difference in how I feel. Having, a talk therapist along with it was just really nice. I feel like it’s just such a good balance.

My psychiatrist from Mood always says that it’s good to have medication, but you should also have the talk therapy with it to kind of help each other.

I adore her. She is so she’s good about everything, not just like with my medications, but if I’m having something physically wrong with me, if I’m having headaches at night, she’s very aware of what could help me besides just, you know prescription medication.

She’ll tell me to use something that you can get over the counter, very easy to get medication aside, I really do enjoy just knowing that I have someone there to talk to when I need them. If something huge is happening in my life and I need guidance, I have someone there to talk to.

I think everybody’s kind of afraid, before they go into the journey, I think that it’s common for people to feel like they can deal with it themselves. And if they can’t deal with it, deal with it by themselves that they’re failing.

“I think everyone’s kind of afraid, before they go into the journey.”

Sometimes you need help and sometimes you need medication and sometimes you need someone to talk to.

And so you just have to kind of like put that pride aside and start thinking about yourself and your future. You know, if you have kids like myself to start thinking about your children, being the best version of you and, and sometimes that requires giving in a little bit and asking for help.

It’s been amazing definitely the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. 

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