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Talk Therapy: Treatment Options and Benefits

Everyone can benefit from seeing a licensed therapist, regardless of whether they’re suffering from mental health conditions like panic disorder, personality disorders, or anxiety disorders. Talk therapy can provide you with an environment that promotes

Using A Trauma Narrative as a Therapy Tool

What’s your story? Everyone has unique experiences that shape their lives, and many times, these experiences form a story that we communicate to ourselves and others. Over time, you may find that much of your

Affordable Therapy: Does It Exist?

Have you been feeling like yourself lately? Perhaps you’ve noticed more anxious thoughts as you lie down to go to sleep each night. You might feel overwhelmed by your to-do lists, among other small tasks

Accessible Therapy: Where To Find It And How To Get It

Financial, physical, and geographical limitations have long played a factor in who can receive therapy. This has caused a great disadvantage for many people who need help but don’t have the resources available to them

A Day In The Life Of A Mental Health Counselor

Have you ever thought about what mental health care professionals do on a daily basis? Perhaps you wonder about the type of education needed to become a therapist or mental health counselor. If you’ve been

How To Get Out Of Your Head: Tips and Tricks

Everyone has moments of being overwhelmed from time to time. Problems and conflicts throughout our days can linger in the back of our minds and prevent us from completing our routines. You’re not alone in

Medication Management: Strategies & Tools

Quality mental health care is individual, not one-size-fits-all. Some people manage their anxiety and depression with regular talk therapy visits with a licensed provider. For others, their therapy treatment works best in partnership with prescribed

Individual Counseling: Is It Worth It?

If you’re considering starting individual counseling for the first time, you may have some questions. It can be intimidating to think about taking the leap into therapy and everything that comes with it. It’s normal