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What You Shouldn’t Say To Your Therapist

Going to therapy is one of the best things you can do to invest in your well-being. Whether you’ve been to multiple sessions or you’re looking to make your first appointment with a therapist, you

What Is Anatidaephobia?

Perhaps you’re already somewhat familiar with a few varieties of phobias. You’ve likely heard of arachnophobia and aquaphobia. These are examples of more common phobias that people often claim to have. What is a phobia,

Why It’s Important To Understand Avoidance Behavior

How do you handle stressful scenarios? Some people prefer to face uncomfortable situations head-on to get unpleasant experiences out of the way. Others prefer to avoid any setting that might cause them mental or emotional

10 Things You Should Know About Sexual Tension

It can happen when you least expect it. Maybe the coworker who you never thought twice about suddenly makes your stomach do backflips when you’re around them. Perhaps being around your best friend of five

7 Types of Nonverbal Communication Explained

Communication is one of the key things that drives us as human beings in our world today. The stuff we verbally say in conversation only makes up a percentage of what we communicate to others

Why Am I Panicking?

Moments of panic are the nervous system’s way of shifting your body into gear to deal with an emergency. In situations of real danger, the physical and mental elements of anxiety and panic are supposed

What Is Triangulation Psychology?

We all have relational conflicts from time to time with those in our lives. Whenever you’re in a healthy relationship with someone, each party does their best to understand the other person’s side and come

15 Mental Health Tattoos and Their Meaning

People are becoming more and more comfortable with opening up about mental health struggles. Together, we’re creating a culture where others can share openly about their anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief while knowing people will

Talk Therapy: Treatment Options and Benefits

Everyone can benefit from seeing a licensed therapist, regardless of whether they’re suffering from mental health conditions like panic disorder, personality disorders, or anxiety disorders. Talk therapy can provide you with an environment that promotes

Using A Trauma Narrative as a Therapy Tool

What’s your story? Everyone has unique experiences that shape their lives, and many times, these experiences form a story that we communicate to ourselves and others. Over time, you may find that much of your

Affordable Therapy: Does It Exist?

Have you been feeling like yourself lately? Perhaps you’ve noticed more anxious thoughts as you lie down to go to sleep each night. You might feel overwhelmed by your to-do lists, among other small tasks